dat HSI m8, i crie evy tiem

bnWmD60I had a great time at HSI and though I am exited to go home, I will miss the people that I have met. HSI has left me with many fond memories and dank memes. Looking back on my experience in multimedia class I think that I have met my goal of being more media literate and knowledgeable about multimedia storytelling. The most important lesson that I learned from Multimedia class is that not all people are as literate as us. I personally didn’t learn much that I didn’t already know, though I enjoyed the field trips and class discussions.

The biggest thing that I learned from my robotics class is that programming and circuitry aren’t as complicated as people think. Throughout the class I was surprised by how quickly my classmates and I were learning. I am very glad that I chose Robotics as my science/math class for HSI.

While all of these classes have been fun and educational, I think it’s time that I talked about the real meat and potatoes of this dish: the memes. HSI has molded me into a danker and more outgoing memeist. I have become more independent and intend on pursuing my career in the manufacturing of dank memes.

My favorite memory from HSI was watching the lip sync battle; feeling dankness and memes wash over me in warm blanketing waves. Tears of joy ran down my cheeks as I was injected with the most powerful dose of memes that my corporeal form has ever endured. This memory will forever last with me as I traverse the galactic plains and psychedelic rivers of the internet in search of the one meme to rule them all.


Personal Media Affects

When I listen to death metal in my room it sometimes makes my heart rate increase. It also makes me happy and helps pass the time. (Emotional and physiological effect.)

I watched a documentary on the ocean  and it entertained me and increased my knowledge of the ocean and marine life. (Personal cognitive effect.)

When I see memes they entertain me and affect the way I behave sometimes. Whenever someone says ‘here come dat boi’ I say ‘oh shit waddup’. (long term behavioral effect.)

Timing of Effect- How long the effect lasts

Type of Effect-

  • Cognitive: Media can immediately plant ideas and information in our thoughts.
  • —Belief: Media can illustrate beliefs (faith that something is real or true)
  • —Attitudinal: Media can influence our evaluative judgments (attitudes rely on beliefs)
  • —Emotional: Media can trigger an emotional reaction (immediate or long-term)
  • —Physiological: Media can arouse or calm you (beyond conscious control: blood pressure, heart rate, pupils)
  • —Behavioral: Media can trigger behavior (immediate or long-term)
  • —Macro: Media influence society’s structure: politics, family composition, religion, etc.

Valence of Effect- whether the effect was positive or negative

Intentionality of Effects- What the intent of the media is. What the media is trying to tell you




Media and Body Image

Media says that women should be skinny, frail, and beautiful, and that men should be chiseled muscular and handsome. Unrepresentative media images are a problem because they cause people to strive to reach impossible goals and take unhealthy means to get there. Physical beauty comes down to having good genetics, which at the moment is not something that can be changed so i think it is very unrealistic for people to achieve the looks of models and celebrities in media. It would be good, because if everyone perfectly fit that physical ideal, people would start to look for deeper things like personality and morals. There isn’t an ideal body image for anyone, because everyone is unique and can achieve beauty in their own way. I personally cant think of any friends that have been affected by media images, but i’m sure many people around me have been. Media can diversify their ideals and images used and promote more transcendent ideals such as morals and intelligence. To promote acceptance and appreciation of unique qualities in others you can go out of your way and be more accepting and look at what is on the inside instead.

“And Tango Makes Three” My Opinions on Banning Books

Today we all watched a reading of a children’s book called “And Tango Makes Three”. The book was about two male penguins hatching and raising a penguin in a central park zoo. The book is obviously an analogy for gay marriage and gay couples raising children in an environment where that isn’t necessarily normal. The book shows the two male penguins happily and healthily raising a child, and the book shows children visiting the zoo cheering for the penguin couple and their child; obviously showing the reader that gay couples having children is OK. I personally agree with the message of this book and I think that it is a healthy book for young children to be reading.

I think it would be fine if this book was banned from an elementary school for it’s controversial content on gay marriage and “family values”. The people who were in support of this book being banned were obviously not OK with their children reading books that encourage gay marriage or gay couples having children. Considering the fact  that children aren’t very capable of forming their own opinions or coming to conclusions on their own; I understand that some parents wouldn’t want their children to be reading such a book. I believe that it is fine for a school to not stock such a book, but I believe that banning books like this outright would be oppression.

I haven’t read any of the top 10 commonly challenged books list.

I think that not providing certain books in a school library is fine, but I believe that banning books outright would be oppression of free speech by a government organization.(which is something I strongly disagree with)

In the United States of America, I believe that it is very difficult to “ban books” with the internet and social media. Though in some countries, like North Korea, censorship is very present and causes a lot of oppression and problems..

The first amendment relates to book bans because schools are a government establishment and by “banning books” they are oppressing free speech.


Ethics of Media Consumerism

I believe that the perspective of the PBS Frontline episode we watched had a warped perspective on how youth use social media. I believe that the video was correct in some regards, but didn’t address the fact that many youth can use media correctly and understand when they are being marketed to. The most surprising part of the video was how ignorant some kids were on how to use social media. think that advertising and marketing into social media is totally ethical, and that it is up to the consumer to understand when they are being marketed to. I knew what selling out was before i saw the video, I don’t think that it is a problem, if an artist I like “sells out” I will simply stop watching them.

Photography outside the Geology Building and on Prexy’s Pasture

Today for my media literacy course we went outside and took as many photos inside and outside the geology building as we could within 15 minutes. My partner was Trevor, and I think we managed to get some pretty good photos. Here are 5 of our top photos:

Pine Cone:


For our first photo, I knelt down and got a close up picture of a pine cone sitting in  some grass. The creative devices used were viewpoint, cropping, color, texture, contrast, and focus.



Shortly after exiting the geology building we came across a squirrel running along the grass. I managed to get a quick photo of the squirrel as it was climbing up a tree. The devices used in this photo were: rule of thirds, balancing elements, cropping,  and contrast.

Fossil Tree Thing:


This is a fossil that we came across while walking through the geology building. The devices used in this photo were: symmetry and patterns, cropping, and texture.



I took this photo while laying down under a pine tree outside the geology building. The devices used were: symmetry and patterns, viewpoint, cropping, texture, and establishing size.

Bike Rack:


I took this photo kneeling next to a bike rack. The devices used were: color, symmetry, contrast, cropping, and viewpoint.





First Blog Post

HSI So Far

I have been at HSI for three days so far. At the moment of typing this post I have only attended one of the two courses I am enrolled in. What I can say now is that Media Literacy is about what I expected it to be, though I didn’t know that blogging would be such a core element of the class as it seems to be now, I am enjoying the class so far and look forward to continue. I have found HSI’s focus on interaction and meeting new people quite exhausting due to my introverted personality. Though I find many activities exhausting, I am having a good time and look forward to attending my other course: Robotics.

Opinions on Past Blog Posts

After writing  about my HSI experience so far, I decided to look at past student’s first blog posts and initial thoughts.. Between the three posts I read (each from a different blogger attending HSI in 2014) I found that every one of them seemed to have been enjoying their experience so far and shared an enthusiasm and optimism for the rest of the camp. After reading their first posts, I decided to read their final posts at HSI as well. They all seemed to have had a great time attending HSI and had experienced a great amount of personal growth. Seeing these positive experiences increases my optimism for my next three weeks at HSI.